Monday, 15 October 2012


Paul Kelly has godlike status in Australia and has been churning out great rock n roll for decades. After making 18 LPs and receiving all sorts of awards and gold records he probably deserves a much better international reputation than he has and is well worth investigating for anyone who likes bluesy psychedelic rock and consistently well crafted songs. I just started listening to some of his tunes and got hooked. He hasn't really had too many off periods. This song came out in 1998 on the LP Words and Music. Maybe he is a little bit too salt of the earth for international stardom but you can't help thinking that if twerps like John Mayer can be so huge then Kelly should have his 15 minutes at least. You can find everything and more here. I really recommend it. There's a lot of really great stuff and i've still yet to hear a dud. 

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